Welcome to the Ancient Trials recruitment page!


We would love to hear from you. We are a Horde semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild on Mal'ganis and accept social players as well as raiders.  Groups of friends and family are welcome also.  If you wish to join our guild as a social player, please send us a message using our Contact Form and we will contact you in game.  Raiders, please read this page completely to be sure we are a good match for you and follow the instructions to apply.

We are now recruiting for our Mythic Progression Raid Team for Nighthold.  Our progression raids are 8-11pm server time Saturday and 7-10pm server time Sunday (Central).


Classes currently needed:

  • Heals:  We are currently recruiting 1 Healers (prefer Druid)
  • Range DPS:  We are currently recruiting 2 Range dps (prefer Warlock)
  • Melee DPS:  We are currently recruiting 1 Melee dps (prefer DK)

Note:  If your class or role is not listed above, you may still apply to see if we can work something out. We are looking for players that are a good fit with our guild.


You are a good match for the Ancient Trials raid team if you:

  • Want to progress while raiding only 6 hours per weekend.
  • Put in time outside of raid learning fights and watching videos.
  • Want to be part of a raid team that puts in the same efforts you do.
  • Are personally motivated to improve your play and class knowledge.
  • Are looking for an active guild with little to no drama.
  • Want to have fun and banter with the people you raid with.
  • Don't enjoy raging raid leaders and toxic environments.
  • Are prepared to raid on time for each raid night.


What Ancient Trials expects from our raid team:

  • Members are expected to maintain a high raid attendance. Absences must be posted as early as possible on the member’s forums. Do not apply if you can’t commit to our schedule.
  • You must be able to follow instructions of the raid leaders. Others may be counting on you to do your job for their survival.
  • Members must try to maintain a high morale standard throughout an exhausting night of progression raiding. No ranting about wipes.
  • You must take the time to learn the nuances of your class. We will be using tools such as Recount and logs to review all raid data and performance.
  • Ancient Trials progression raid team must be optimized before coming to the raid nights. This includes using the best gems and enchantments. The guild supplies flasks for progression raids, while raiders help to supply the materials. Have a supply of your own consumables on hand in case of shortage.
  • You will be responsible to study boss encounters. Understanding the mechanics of each boss fight is essential to the team’s success.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions or give suggestions. We are looking for active members to contribute to the raid and our community.
  • Communication is key. Though we do not permit excess talking during boss fights, there will be situations where it is necessary.


Required addons and tools:

  • DBM
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Ventrilo
  • Working microphone
  • Might be additional addons based on boss requirements


What you can expect from joining our guild:

There will be a trial period after joining our guild. During this time you will be evaluated to be sure you are a good fit for the raid team in both ability and personality. We believe in respect and fair play with all members of our guild. We have a standard roll for loot system, but also have a loot council to be sure the loot is being spread out to those that need it. No loot whores permitted. The raid team size is limited to 20 for mythic and the team will be selected from the best of our raiders up to that point. Once a boss is on farm, however, we do make every effort to get everyone sitting on the bench a chance to get loot and progression as well. Ancient Trials raiders like to have fun during raids, but are very serious once we reach the boss. Many of us have formed long-lasting friendships inside and outside of the game.


To Apply:  

If you feel the information above applies to you and would like to apply for a raid spot in our guild, please copy and paste the questions below and send them to us with your answers using the Contact Form on this website.

1. Character name
2. Can you make all our raid times?
3. How much experience do you have raiding?
4. Can you get all the require add-ons and Vent with a working mic?
5. Can your computer handle a minumum of 20 man raid?
6. Please send an armory link of your current gear
7. Please tell us a little something about yourself and what you would bring to our team. If you bring tacos you are IN!!!


If your toon is not already a horde character on Mal'ganis, please include your Real ID in order to contact you.


NOTE: If you would like to apply for a social position in the guild, just send us a message explaining that and we will contact you in game. We also accept groups of friends and family.